Manually renew your services here, at any time

Our services are set up to renew automatically on an annual basis, however, if you prefer to manually renew them, you can do so here.

How it works:

If you wish to renew a service, select the Order button and login to your account, after which you will be taken to your Active Services page, where you will be able to extend the service (and any other services you may have), for another year.

If the service you wish to renew has expired within the last 35 days, select the Services tab on the menu and then click Renew Expired Services. Services that expired over 35 days ago, cannot be renewed and require being re-purchased in the Shop section.

Registered Office Address

£39.00 + VAT

Renew your Registered Office Address and continue to protect the privacy of your home address for another 12 months.

Service Address

£26.00 + VAT

Maintain the privacy provided with our Service Address for another year.

Business Address Service

£96.00 + VAT

Renew your Business Address Service and maintain your excellent corporate image with our Covent Garden address.

Confirmation Statement Service

£34.99 + VAT

Extend your Confirmation Statement Service and make sure you stay compliant with Companies House.

Dormant Company Accounts Service

£39.99 + VAT

You can renew our Dormant Company Accounts Service here, and we will prepare and file your accounts for another year.