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Proof of ID and address requirements

We are required by The London Local Authorities Act, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements to obtain certified proof of ID and proof of address documents for all customers who use our address services.

We require proof of ID and address for the following services:

We do not require proof of ID and address for the following services:

Who should supply proof of ID and address

We require certified proof of ID for all Shareholders/Owners of a company/LLP who own more than 25% of a company which uses our address services.

In the case of a Limited by Guarantee Company, we can accept the certified ID for the 1st Formations account holder (we do not require ID from all company officers).

We also require certified ID from anyone who is not a Shareholder/Owner of a company using our Business Address service, but who wishes to receive and have mail forwarded to them.

Certified ID and proof of address is required from ANY person who purchases the following Additional Services: Company Dissolution, Share Transfer/Share Allotment, Appointment and Removal of Director/Secretary, and Company Name Change.

Acceptable documents for proof of ID and address

All documents should either be in English or accompanied by an English translation by an Official Sworn Translator.

Proof of ID

Proof of address

The document must be dated within the last 3 months, and it must show both the person’s name and address.

Certified ID Procedures

There are separate requirements for certified ID documents based upon where the certifiable persons live.

a) UK and EU Residents
Your proof of ID and proof of address documents must be certified by one of the following persons or institutions who is not a friend or relative of the person whose documents are being certified:

b) Non-EU Residents
We will require your proof of ID and address to be notarised by a Public Notary.

Specific wording for certification of documents

Each certified document should have the following statement written on it: "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me". The documents should be dated by the certifying person and they should print their name, address and occupation on the documents.

How to send your certified documents

1) By E-mail (preferable)

You can send scanned copies of the certified documents by e-mail to sharlene@1stformations.co.uk and we will respond to your e-mail to confirm receipt of your documents.

2) By post

If you are unable to send scanned copies of your documents to us, we can accept them by post. Alternatively, if you would like to hand in your documents to us, we will be happy to copy the documents and attest them on your behalf. The address to post or hand the documents in:

Compliance Department
1st Formations Limited
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

IMPORTANT: Your service will not be activated until your ID documents are received and accepted. Any mail received will not be processed or forwarded prior to the receipt of certified ID. Should you not provide the requisite ID within 3 weeks of your initial order; the service(s) will be terminated. We send reminder messages to our customers, however, it is your responsibility to provide the certified ID within the timescales listed on the correspondence we send to you.

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