Digital Package

Limited company formation

What's included

Digital Package

At a cost of £12.99 plus VAT, our Digital company formation package provides a set of company documents by email (PDF).

Consider this if…

You have a tight budget and you just need a basic limited company to get your business up and running.

Savings when you choose this package

The total value of our Digital company formation package is £35.99, but it is available to purchase for just £12.99 + VAT. That's a saving of £23.00.

Annual renewal costs

There is no requirement to renew any items - you only need to pay the one-off cost of £12.99 + VAT for everything that is included.


  • Ready to Trade Limited Company
  • 3 to 6 Hour Online Formation - Subject to Companies House workload
  • Companies House £12.00 Filing Fee Included
  • Email Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Email Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Email Copy of Share Certificate(s)
  • Free Business Bank Account (optional)
  • Free Online Company Manager to Maintain your Companies
  • Free Online & Telephone Support for the Life of your Company
  • Free .com or Domain Name

Prefer to order by telephone?

If you are not confident forming your company online - call our friendly team and we will complete your order by telephone.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy the Digital Package?

It offers excellent value for those setting up a company on a budget and want to get their business up and running.

This package provides online company registration with Companies House and a full set of digital company documents.

Can I reserve my company name without forming a company?

No. You need to register a limited company using your desired company name to reserve the name and stop anyone else from using it.

Companies House will not allow anyone else to set up a company with a name that is ‘the same as’ or ‘too similar’ to an existing company name.

Are there any hidden costs?

The price you see quoted above is exactly the price you will pay.

Companies House charges a £12.00 registration fee for the formation of a new company, and we have included this cost in our package price.

All of the items included are a one-off payment, with no need for renewal.

What do I need to form a company?

Incorporating a limited company online is simple. No documents or signatures are required; however, you will need the following:

  • One director and one shareholder (the same person can assume both positions).
  • A registered office address.
  • At least one share issued.

See also: Information Required to Set Up a Company.

Do I need to supply proof of ID?

All company formation agents, including ourselves, have a legal requirement to check Proof of ID and Address.

Do not worry - over 90% of our customers successfully pass our digital ID checks, without having to do anything.

If you aren’t eligible for a digital ID check, or your digital ID check fails, don’t worry - 99% of customers are able to provide their ID via our Credas App using their smartphone. See here for more information.

What is a limited company?

A limited company is a legal entity which exists separately from its owners. It is managed by directors and owned by shareholders.

The owners’ financial liability is limited to the value of the shares they own in the company.

Please note:

  1. This package provides a company with Ordinary shares. If you require forming a company with more than one class of share,
    please call our customer service team at 020 3897 2233, and we will be happy to assist you.
  2. The business bank account offers are only available to companies with UK resident directors and shareholders. Companies with overseas directors and shareholders are not eligible for this offer. We have partnered with WorldFirst to provide a business banking referral for non-UK residents. You will get the option to add a WorldFirst bank account during the order process. Account openings are subject to approval.

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