Case Study

Peer Pioneers

Bayonle Jide of Peer Pioneers sitting on a sofa with arms crossed.

Case Study - Peer Pioneers

In conversation with Bayonle Jide

Hi, I’m Bayonle. I have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the field of executive education, having worked both within corporate settings and at a university.

During this time, I had the opportunity to implement a peer mentoring programme for a prominently featured school on Educating Manchester.

My company, Peer Pioneers, is a mentoring software specifically crafted to foster team development and promote the engagement and retention of a diverse workforce, thereby nurturing the potential innovators and leaders of the future.

This concept was conceived during my time at university, while I was involved in creating a peer mentoring programme for a school.


My primary driver to start my own business was to achieve a healthier work-life balance and enhance my productivity.

The journey

Like any start-up, there will inevitably be challenges, but there are also abundant opportunities. Thus far, our journey has predominantly been marked by positivity.

The growth curve

Initially, we attempted to reach a broad audience, but we quickly recognised that it wasn't the most effective approach. We have since pinpointed our specific target niche.


The most significant challenge we've encountered thus far is finding the right talent.


I enjoy observing the impact our software has on the hybrid workplace.

The future

Our aim is to attract a larger number of international clients in the future.


My advice would be to ensure that you have a minimum of one year's worth of working capital, to provide a stable platform to enable you to focus fully on the growth of business.

Using 1st Formations

A client recommended 1st Formations to us. They said that you were easy to use, with no complications during the application process.

The online purchase process was straightforward, quick, and user-friendly. I have since recommended 1st Formations to friends, because of my own experience.

1st Formations today

Since forming my company with 1st Formations, I have used the Business Address, Registered Office, and Service Address services. I also speak with the Customer Service Team whenever I need to.


The company formation process was streamlined and as simple as we needed it to be.

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