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Case Study - Dookoo


In conversation with Hajre Hyseni

My name is Hajre and I own Dookoo Ltd, which is a digital transformation company. We help companies sell online and grow through social media, e-commerce, and pay-per-click advertising.

The idea for Dookoo came mainly because several businesses that I’ve worked with in the past wanted online growth through social media, mobile advertising, and pay-per-click advertising, and that’s why I started the company.


My main motivation to start the business was, essentially, to help companies grow. There are lots of companies around the UK that build amazing products and services, but find it difficult to grow their clientele, so I want to help them with that.

The journey

The journey is going well. We’ve worked with several companies in the UK where we help them grow their audience on social media, reach out to many of their audiences, and increase the conversion rates in online sales, while establishing a social media presence.

The growth curve

The company’s growth curve has been a bit slow because we started during the pandemic, but then things picked up. Now, we’ve got a solid clientele, so that’s going really well.

We’re hoping to expand on the work that we’ve done so far, because people that are working with us are finding it really useful for their growth, and we’re also educating them about growth tactics and marketing initiatives on social media.


The biggest challenge so far has been letting the market know that we are a company that understands social media and growth. There is huge competition in this marketplace. So, establishing a name for ourselves was the hardest thing.

But we’ve done that by tapping into our existing connections and people now trust and believe in us. Also, we built our own social media presence, which helped us spread the word across the market to let them know that we exist.


What I enjoy the most while running the company is meeting the people that I work with. That’s the most exciting thing, because every company that we work with has a range of products and services and I learn new things from them every time - whether they’re a food production or service company - it’s amazing.

The future

The future for Dookoo Ltd is all about growth. We would like to tap into the UK market and hopefully expand into international markets as well. The US is interesting, for sure, and Canada as well. So, it would be great if we could get to a point where we can expand into these markets as a company.


My advice to someone starting their own business is to really focus on what they love the most and what they’re passionate about.

Starting a business requires so much time and sacrifice, and if you don’t love what you do and you’re not passionate about it, I think you’ll lose interest very quickly. Also, the key to starting and running a successful business is not giving up.

Using 1st Formations

I found 1st Formations about 5 years ago. I’ve had about 3 businesses that used 1st Formations, and I really like the professional team, the professional services, and everything is pretty smooth while working with you.

I’ve been a client for many years now and I’m hoping to stick around.

The company formation process

The company formation process is pretty easy and straightforward. I know that you’ve recently redesigned the website and introduced new services, and I think that’s what’s needed, because I can see that you guys want to continue educating your clients while providing different services, whether it’s meeting rooms, virtual offices, and things like that.

So, educating business clients on things like returns, tax, and all those things, I think that’s quite useful.

1st Formations today

What I use the most are the videos that you guys post online, especially YouTube videos where you talk about things like tax, shipping, customer support, and how to update your details at Companies House - that’s all quite useful.


We’ve come across plenty of clients using various registered office address services and some don’t receive their post until weeks - or even months – later. So, we certainly feel like we’re getting a great service.

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