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A company registration number (CRN) is a unique combination of 8 numbers, or 2 letters followed by 6 numbers. It is used to identify your company and verify its legal existence as an incorporated entity. Companies House will issue a CRN during the company formation process. You will find it printed on your Certificate of Incorporation and all official documentation received from Companies House.

What is a certificate of incorporation?

CRNs are also displayed on the public register of companies next to company names. You can view this register online via Companies House WebCHeck or Companies House Beta. Handy if you happen to lose all paperwork containing your company registration number.

A company registration number is also referred to as a ‘Companies House Registration Number’ or ‘company number’.

1. When to use your company registration number (CRN)

You will be required to use your CRN on many occasions. You must provide it when you:

  • Contact Companies House
  • Submit or update your annual confirmation statement (previously the annual return)
  • File annual accounts
  • Report changes to your company details.
  • Register with HMRC for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE
  • File your Company Tax Returns, annual accounts and VAT returns.

2. Where to display your CRN

Limited companies are legally required to display their company registration number on all business stationery, including:

  • Letterheads
  • Faxes
  • Emails
  • Compliment slips
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Order forms
  • Websites
  • Other online material

3. I have lost my CRN

You can find your CRN in one of the following ways:

  • On your Certificate of Incorporation. Your CRN should be printed next to or under a heading such as ‘Company No.’
  • On official letters from Companies House.
  • By logging in to Companies House WebCHeck service free of charge. You can find your CRN by entering your full company name in the yellow section and clicking ‘search’. Your CRN will be on the left-hand side of your company name.
  • Log in to 1st Formations Online Company Manager. This service is available to clients and non-clients. Existing customers can simply enter their login details to access all company details, including their CRN. Non-clients can create an account free of charge to import an existing company and manage it online. This facility can be accessed at any time and can be used for viewing and updating your registered details and filing information electronically with Companies House.

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By Chris Tapley, Content Writer for 1st Formations.